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This is an RTS where you connect towns by caravan routes, then defend the caravans from raiders by mobilising / garrisoning troops.

You start with a single city and bring in gold reserves by sending caravans out to outlying settlements, the gold can be used to buy more troops and caravans.

Currently there is no win state - the bandit camps will keep on spawning and harrassing your caravans forever.



Mouse to the edges of the screen to scroll the view.

W & S keys - zoom camera in/out

P - pause / resume gameplay

Spacebar - toggle between troop movements and Caravan route editing mode (shown in top - left of screen)

- In Caravan mode, add trade routes by clicking and dragging the mouse cursor along the desired route from one town to another.

- In Troop mode, click and drag to draw a path for troops to move along - must start at a set of troops, or a town with a garrison. If the line ends in a town, the troops will garrison themselves in the town when they reach it.

Use the buy troops and buy caravans buttons to strengthen your network once the gold starts coming in. All bought troops and caravans start in your central city.



big dotted lines - caravan routes

small dotted lines - troop movements

clusters of blue dots - your troops

clusters of red dots - enemy troops

Green Cylinders - Cities (biggest), Towns, Villages (smallest)

Status ui for setlements: G: - gold, C: - caravans, T: troops

Red Cylinders - Bandit camps - will spawn enemy troops.


The Game was made for KiwiJam2014 and Ludum Dare 30 and was developed by Mark Manson, Patrick Manson, Ben Mitchell and Lionel Wood.